Last Weekend of the fall 2022 season!!!

December 10th/11th


— Horse/Deer apples available —

Beautiful Pine Hill Apple Orchard Retail Stand in Erin Wisconsin
2.5 acres of walking paths to explore, endless picturesque views, and numerous picnic tables and outdoor seating available
Overlooking Holy Hill off of Highway 167


Natural apple cider, apple pie & other treats.

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Celebrating 45 years of fall deliciousness near Holy Hill!

Pine Hill Orchard is a family-owned local apple orchard specializing in over 45 varieties of locally grown apples, natural apple cider, apple pie & other treats.

Current apple varieties:

HoneyCrisp, CrimsonCrisp, SunCrisp, Cortland, McIntosh, Wolf River, Snow, Empire, Braeburn, JonaGold, Cameo, Stayman Winesap, Prairie Spy, Northwest Greening, Red Delicious, Northern Spy Winesap, Ida Red, Liberty and Enterprise

Buy a 1 peck bag, get a 1 peck bag for free sale is going on now

Deer/Livestock Apples available


Specializing in over 45 varieties of locally grown apples.

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The best Carmel apples and apple cider I’ve ever had. I’m dead serious!

Ethan Hansen
Best Apple pie ever!! Crunch Apple pie!! Loved it! We’ll be back. Perfect crust and loved the topping.
Kathy Cornell
I love stopping by Pine Hill every year for some fresh apples and cider. It’s nice to see the new building they recently erected to have a shelter from the elements and to give the place a more homey feel.
Shaun Dailey
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